Just To Prove Molly Wrong

Molly doesn't think I will be able to keep this blogging thing up. She might end up being completely right. But just because it's fun to be spiteful, I decided to post yet again to prove that another entry was on its way. Of course, I actually don't have anything planned. When I have nothing planned, it's always good to resort to the ol' handy lists.

I present to you, in no special order, the very important things I hope to accomplish in the next week. Drum roll please!!!!!

To make my Scottish accent sound less like a drunkard yelling.

To eat a pear. Oh boy, don't me started on that pure goodness.

Actually finish this essay that I've been very successful at being distracted from.

On second thought, if I accomplish the above task in a week then it'll be several days late.

Don't hand anything in late. Believe it or not (this may shock poeple who've known me for 10+ years), I have handed in every assignment and they have all been on time!!! Give me a gold star! Or maybe a cookie. With chocolate chips. A hint of peanut butter. Maybe some milk too because I need to wash down that cookie. Actually, I wouldn't mind a sandwich either. Hello?

I'd like to get 100% on a test. Oh wait, I already did that! BECAUSE I'M AWESOME!!!!!

Stop being such a braggart.

Make sure the house is llama proof. Those animals are so vicious!

Actually, keep up this whole responding to e-mails and blogging regularly streak.

Avoid sitting by the stinky guy on the bus

Stop always resorting to these lists because they usually stop being funny after number 3. What!?! None of them were funny?!? You're fired. Ignore the fact you were never hired and I never paid you squat.

Finish this list.

Sweet! I finsihed one of my goals for the week. Now, I definitely deserve that cookie!!! Before I end this pointless post, I want to bring up the surprising fact of the day. As you know, I've been known as one of the biggest wrestling fans this side of the big apple tree on West Street (or at least, someone who like wrestling more than all of you -- which isn't hard for most). I found out that Wrestlemania is this weekend. Just for perspective, Wrestlemania is THE biggest wrestling show of the year. Wrestlemania is BIGGER than Wednesday! I know, that's huge! It's the Christmas for any wrestling fan. Despite all this, I don't care. I know, SHOCK! Yes, I also realize I am over using the capitals here. Anyway, this is probably the first time since I became a wrestling fan at age 10 that I couldn't give two toots of the horn. Odd.

With that useless fact out of the way, I bid you all adieu


  1. i have to say...the best pears I've ever had were in Toronto--where are you going to school again? I have a sneaking suspicision Emily has gotten it into your head that healthy foods can be good! I bet that took her a lot of work too. Good job Emily--keep up the good work. And as for you Chris--keep rockin the pears...~ha ha~

  2. alright alright, so you've written another entry. good for you.

  3. mmm pears. I'll bring you some from the niagara region when they're in season. Fresh off the tree. That will make you smile I"m sure. Glad you're blogging again. I thought you had died.
    or was kidnapped by llama's. They are vicious.


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