Just Keep Swimming

At least it wasn't 4 months

Wow, I didn't realize I've been taking an overlong blogging hiatus again. I remember, many moons ago that I was actually pretty decent at pulling out daily musings. It must be that whole philosophy of the time disappearing before you even know it. Or maybe the more realistic philosophy, Spicer can be a man who likes to hold off on things. Blogging seems to be the poor recipient of that very philosophy. This is the part of the game where I try to get you all back up on speed.

I'm officially done my first semester of University. I think, I already bragged about my success in the past post thus I'll spare you here. I don't know any of my final marks at this point but I do believe I gave my exams the proverbial academic pounding they so deserved. I start the whole schooling thing all over again come May 2nd which surprisingly, I'm semi looking forward to.

The perk of having school finished rather early in April, meant I have some free time on my hands. The long weekend of Easter saw me and the Emster travel up to Medeba. Yes, she drived. No, I still don't have my fulll license. Yes, I'm tired of being asked that. The weekend was absolutely spifferific and full of splendocity (it's a word, honest). We ended up being able to get 'booked' at a friend's house for every lunch or dinner. We got to visit everyone that we had hoped. Definitely a weekend I'd prop up the two thumbs.

Notice how my last few blogs have actually been about my life? Wierd? I promise a random rant about cheese or Democrats in the new future. Maybe the affect cheese is having on the political decisions being pushed by Democrats? Or I'll probably just resort to spouting off the dangers of llamas just to appease not-so Big Tim, again.

I got to act! Part of the major final for my Reading Drama class, was to be part of an end of the year theatre production. I played the role of Jemmy Campbell. Who happens to be a real life Captian of the first Australian Penal Conlony in the 1700s but also a key character in the play 'Our Country's Good.' Surprises of all surprises, the play actually is about an Australian Penal Colony in the late 1700s. Wierd how that works out, eh? I definitely had a blast of a time and it helps everyony told me how awesome I was. It gave me just a little bit of an acting bug. Maybe I'll find my way into some local theatre group. Or maybe Hollywood will come calling for me? That would sure help out in my current financial struggle of trying to pay for school and teeth.

I'm sure some people would love another Emily update. I get asked about Emily more than I get asked about myself. She is great. We're over 10 months now. We're still not engaged. If you ask in a few more months, we probably still won't be. We're both super duper happy. I love her more than a fresh pear in the morning. As you all know, fresh pear for breakfast is a wonderful thing.

I definitely didn't have anything creative or enthralling to grace you fine readers with. I decided it was due time for me to remind you all that I indeed still breath and walk (but not without tripping).


  1. now you just need to work on e-mailing ....
    Molly and I were just talking about you the other day Chris. We were saying we miss your antics and humor. Hope I get to see you sometime this year (Dee's wedding?). Miss ya!

  2. hey you owe me an email.


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