Going Under The Knife

Today and even yesterday and maybe even the day before that, I wanted to type up a little diddy about a presentation I saw that had to do with evolution. This is not that diddy. Not to say the diddy will never appear in typed form on this website. It may. It also very likely to be completely forgotten and left with the many other blog ideas that never saw life. It may also evolve to something you can all enjoy and debate.

I announce that August 16, 2006(psst. . . today) will be the last day that my lovely face looks exactly like it looks at this moment. Tomorrow, I am allowing a blade to touch this lovely masterpiece. After all, I've been wanting to look younger for a long time. I thought a little nip and tuck was long overdue. No wait. . . that isn't right. Instead, I'll be having a small benign lump on my left cheek removed. Before you freak, remember that I said benign. So why do I want it removed? Because I'm incredibly vain. That is right, vanity has made me decide to remove the lump and replace it with a possible scar. Because then I could make up a really cool story about how I got it. I can make us of killer llamas, pirates and Bill Nye. All stories need a good dose of the Science Guy. Is he still around?

In reality land (sounds like a new show on Fox), I'm actually removing it because my history shows it will probably get infected. Infection is bad, kids. Anyone who knows the tale my back right leg knows why srugery is smart. If you don't, it's not that exciting. Kind of like this post. I'll let the knife do it's damage and hope I'm not left with too nasty of a scar. Apparently, it will allow me to not worry about having to shave one spot on my cheek ever again. Man, you know how much trouble I have with shaving so that could be a time saver! All in all, it should work pretty well for me.

Other than the fact I don't really like sharp stuff touching my face. I'm so wierd like that, I know.