I had a lot fun with the previous Top Ten, so I've decided to give it another go. This time, it is going to be my top 10 'Duh' moments. As in, what the heck was I thinking when I did that??? Now, I have long been someone who claims that I don't regret anything from my life because every event shaped me to be the man I am today. I am pretty happy with this man. But at the same time, there is definitely some moments that I look back on and shake my head just a little bit. Once again, these are coming to me while I think them up so it is in no particular order.

10. Try to change my Phys.Ed uniform: I am positive I mentioned this in a blog post before but it is still one of those more embarrassing moments. I was a notoriously slow changer back in Grade 1 and I was threatened by my scary teacher to not be last ever again. So I changed quickly. Too quickly. I apparently felt there was no need for shorts. I am surprised I wasn't more traumatized by it.

9. One Week Dating Adventure: Good ol' Scotty still won't let me forget the one week relationship I had many many moons ago. Now, I know I blogged about this, so feel free to look it up. Maybe done 2 years ago? Anyway, the insanity that followed can't be classified as my fault. But what the heck was I thinking in agreeing to date this person? Why does one agree to a relationship when they know they aren't interested? Insanity? Maybe. Probably more something to do with insecure teenager that needs to be in a relationship. Yikes!

8. Yearned and Yodelled for a relationship: I read my old journals from only a few years back. Man, was I ever begging for a girlfriend. Why? I just seemed so desperate and sad. Now, I am not bashing old self. He was pretty darn spiffy. He just seemed to really want to do the dating thing. I like to think that if I was single today that I would be much more different and content with myself. But I also don't plan on ever being single again.

7. Wrote a poem instead of a poetry exam: Only Big Tim witnessed this event first hand. What a sad time that was. Why didn't I write an exam that would get me marks rather than a poem that would get me. . . um, a cookie? I don't remember eating a cookie. What a gip. What a brain fart.

6. Turning my last year of high school into an episode of Dawson's Creek: I went emo before emo was hip. I added way more drama than is healthy for any teenage boy. Instead of worrying about graduating, I allowed a lot of unimportant issues dominate my life. I even almost got in a fist fight with a best friend over a girl. Talk about a movie of the week special. Only thing I missed was burning down the Peach Pit.

5. Spent waaaaay too much money on wrestling: This would be vindication for all the wrestling haters out there. Please note, I am not calling my interest in wrestling a brain fart. Nor am I swearing off wrestling. I will admit I have spent too much money and time on this silly fake sport. Now I have a dresser full of videos and such that will probably never be watched again. Think of what I could have used all that time and money on. Knitting?

4. Went for a 18 hour personal hike: The infamous 'I thought it was an island.' A story that apparently has now changed to me being lost on camp property. Truth is, it was on a canoe trip. Easily my biggest brainfart of all time. I still rightfully get teased about that. I have never looked at 'capture the cabin leader' the same again. Though I am hands down the champion at it. Search and rescue couldn't even find me.

3. Choked my best friend: How many people think I don't have a temper? I bet Dave didn't raise his hand. In Grade 2, it was a fateful game of monkey in the middle. I was tired of being in the middle. So, I expressed my desire for something new by trying to extract my friend's head from his neck. I honestly, have forgotten the real reason for the temper tantrum. I am sure it made sense then. It makes me shake my head now.

2. Held a grudge against a group of people: 90210. The label my friends gave to a bunch of people that made us feel inferior and stupid. The problem is, I carried spite and dislike for them for many years. It was only about a year or so ago that I realized I still was holding a silly grudge. Hatred towards people that don't even remember me anymore. What was the point? None. I have let it go. I've forgiven them. If I ever met them again, I would be willing to try to get to know them.

1. Made a really unfunny Top 10: Sorry, I thought this was going to be a lot better. I blame the tired.


  1. Anonymous8:59 am

    Your number ones are always kind of a let down.

    Ah, the choking incident.. one of the most startling moments in my life... other than Burkholder almost cutting my head off by deciding to put my window up. All of my terror moments revolve around my neck

    I don't remember the reason for the choking either :)

  2. I liked it. Though I'm sure the dumbest moments in my life probably out-dumb yours :). Lol Miss ya Chris!

  3. Anonymous12:31 pm

    ahem.... you seem to have a dead battery here...


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