The Blog's Future

Despite what several months of intermittent inactivity may show, I actually really do enjoy blogging. I do not ever plan to allow this blog to completely die or vanish. Of course, not everything is entirely under my control and if Blogspot goes bankrupt tomorrow then I would need to find a new home. Or if I ever get a tad ambitious, I may start up my very own blogging site. As for the state of 'The International House of Spicer', I hope and feel it will have a very long and vibrant life. Well, vibrant might be pushing it but I think I can at least pull off long. Anyone that has read many of my posts know that long is something I can do. I might lack creativity, grammar and talent but man oh man, can I go for an extended period of time. Oh blessed verbiage, it has been a friend of mine for eons. This blog will continue to produce a whole lot of words with the occasional deeper meaning or glimpse of wit.

When I started blogging, my intention was to never go over the minutia of my day. It isn't because I am a private person because most who know me, know that the opposite is the case. I also know that aspects of my personal life will always creep into this blog. If a really major event from life happens, and I think it has interest, then I will always most definitely share. But the idea of an online diary has never really appealed to me and this was never the intent of this blog. I am not sure if it has slowly began to lean in that direction but it is definitely not where I want to continue or remain.

I really enjoy writing. Above all, that was the reason I started up a blog a few years ago. One day, I hope to get some works published especially a novel. I knew blogging would be a good way for me to get used to actually writing for an audience. I also knew it would give me a decent idea regarding if people enjoyed what I had to offer.

As for subject matter, I have always been pretty intent on making sure it is a smorgasbord of writings. Actually, my hope is to continue to add way more different styles of writing. I see this blog as my chance to improve and harness my critical-thinking, creativity, literary, analytical and sandwich-making skills. My ultimate vision is include more politcal rants, more spiritual dialogue, more book or film reviews and more general musings of this world. On top of that, I would really like to start posting some short stories and poems on this site. I've been holding off on that just because stories and poems can often be such a personal and private part of a person. One often puts their heart into that type of writing. It can take a lot of energy to be willing to have people not only read but allow them to be critical of it. I've decided that if I ever hope to be published then I need to start somewhere. Eventually, expect some more creative writings to be here for you to critique, analyze and digest.

Now, after all that, I can't promise anything incredibly exciting, in depth or creative over the next few weeks. My typing will need to be focused towards the mountain of essays awaiting me to climb. Once this semester fades into dust, I will be able to focus on some groovey writings. No promises when I'll post a story but probably after I actually write one.

So, that is the planned future of this blog and you can now be excited, indifferent, scared or hungry. No matter your feeling, this blog will still be here like a loyal friend or a local Wal-Mart.