For All The American Readers. . .

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Today doesn't mean anything special for the majority of the world but you Americans get to stuff yourself, enjoy a parade, do lots of shopping and watch tons of football. Sounds like a pretty fun day to me. Of course, we did that over a month ago minus the shopping thing since our Thanksgiving wasn't invented as a strategy to encourage consumerism. I think ours was designed as a new way to piss off the First Nations. Plus it is nice to have a holiday thrown in during the fall season.

Anyway, enough about the long gone Canadian holiday and back to rooting for that American version!!! For all my friends from the United States, have an absolutely fantastic turkey day and a great time with your family. As for all non Americans, enjoy your typical Thursday but you can still have a great time with the family even if it lacks the splendour of being a holiday.