My Life As A Recluse

This week, I basically plan on hiding out in the Laurier computer lab in an attempt to finish my stress inducing and incredibly unpleasant papers. Once I hit my famous 'writer's groove', I am sure things will even start to become enjoyable. I will probably continue to either be invisible or very 'non-wordy' over the next week or so. I do promise oodles and copious amounts of verbiage once my Fall semester is officially done on December 15th!

I type the words 'Fall Semester' yet it does not look anything like fall. We really got hit with a mother load of snow or at least, a lot of snow for the area at this time of year. Though, usually at this time year we have no snow, so it isn't a monumental achievement. Now, lets see if we can actually have a White Christmas (I can't remember the last time such a things happened).

HoHickey, the papers say 'hi' back. See, even if I don't really enjoy them, they are very courteous and polite.