44 Consecutive Daily Posts!!!

About a month and a half ago, I declared to the world (or at least to the 8 or so people who read this blog)that I aspire to eventually become a full time writer, and was going to start proactively pursuing writing opportunities and jobs in order to get me to that goal. Obviously, the best way to meet that goal is to get paid for my writing, which means I need actual writing jobs. I am quite happy to announce that is slowly happening, though at this point it is not quite enough to say 'adios' to my day job and escape to the Caribbean to become a full time hermit. I am pretty confident that I will continue to obtain paying writing jobs through my hard work (or my sheer luck?). I can also say that I've been extremely successful in one of my other writing goals that I made during my declaration. On January 31st, I started blogging again with the hope that I would be able to maintain a close to daily posting output. It is now March 16th, and I've been able to continuously blog without missing a single day ever since I started up. Yes, this blog may not even pay a single of my bills but at least, it has shown that I've been able to accomplish one of my writing goals and I have been able to stick to self imposed deadlines. Sure, some of my blogs have been nothing more than 'I am not blogging today' like posts but they were still words that I typed, thus I am counting them.

For this monumental achievement, I am rewarding myself with a gift basket containing my very own cat.


  1. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Keep it up Christopher. I enjoy reading your blogs. It keeps me amused when I actually get connected to the internet.



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