The Friday Night Multiple Choice Question

If you discovered a wish granting genie in your sock drawer, would you:

A: Wish that you never ever lose a pair of your socks again (for some reason, it was the first thing that came to your mind when staring at a sock drawer).

B: Proceed to try to fit the genie on your foot (hey, it might be the latest trend).

C: Wish for a star, so that you can wish upon that (it is way more family friendly).

D: Be grateful that it was a genie rather than that pesky rodent that had been eating your cheese.

E: Wonder why your cat is doing such a bad job at catching that rodent.

F: I don't actually have a rodent problem, it was just possible options for this multiple choice question.

G: Hope that the genie didn't see your pink pair of socks with the dancing panda on them.

H: Push the genie away and get a pair of socks (dude, you're in a rush).

I: Wish that you actually get some snow this winter (this is not a good option for regions that actually did get snow this winter).

J: Wish for more wishes (then, get slapped by the genie for being so unoriginal).

K: Ask the genie if he was the person who borrowed your copy of Aladdin.

L: Wish for the world in pieces.

M: Or maybe wish for world peace.

N: Wish for Reeses pieces (possibly the best of the options).

O: Let the genie know that he is an offensive stereotype and will be hearing from your lawyers.

P: Look in the phone book for cheap lawyers that would be willing to sue a genie.

Q: Call the cops (that genie is totally trespassing, man).

R: Clean out your sock drawer because if a genie is now residing there. . .

S: Wish that Christopher Spicer could be rich and famous, because it is my blog thus at some point it needs to be about me.

T: Wow, I actually didn't plan on using the whole alphabet but now that I am this far. . .

U: Yeah, T wasn't really a viable option or answer.

V: Then again, there was never really a question but rather, the start of a sentence.

W: Wish for your two front teeth because Santa dropped the ball this year.

X: Scream (because you just found a genie in your drawer and that is pretty shocking).

Y: Because I said so.

Z: Always pick C.


  1. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Tiffany Million via Facebook:

    There needs to be another option because "N" is not friendly to those of us with peanut allergies. So N.5 needs to be inputed. ;)

  2. N.5: Wish for Reeses Pieces without the peanut butter. Then suddenly realize you could have just wished for chocolate instead.


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