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The Glorious Return of the One Word Review

Long time readers of this blog will remember the occasional feature known as the one word review. This is where I review various books, shows, movies, events or whatever with only one word. I like the challenge and people seem to dig it, thus it will receive its revival tonight.

Sula (novel): Quirky
Eye of the Needle (novel): Uneven
Things Fall Apart(novel): Powerful
Rambo(movie): BLOOD!
Modern Family(show): Classic
The Office(show): Scranton-rific
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia(show): WILD
"Uno is a game where need to have a. . .":CARD!
A Very Tight Place (Short Story): Claustrophobic
Up (movie): Heartwarming
Olympics: Pride
Summit: Adorable
Crosby: Hungry
Informant (movie): Intriguing
24 (show): Jack Bauer says he doesn't have to follow this one word rule and I listen.
Dragon's Den (show): Fiery
HomeStarrunner (website): Burnination
Ben Jordan (game series): Twist-a-licious
Chili Cook off: Empty
Survivor (show): ICan'tBelieveI'mWatchingRealityTV
Drumstick (snack): Tempting
Canada v. US Gold Medal Game: Redemption
Jon Montgomery: Passion
August Eight (restaurant): Goodness
Balderdash (game): FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!
Mumford & Sons (band): Ear-candy
Whatever (website): Bacon
This Blog Post: Over


  1. agree with Things Fall Apart. Also--I still LOVE Survivor, can't WAIT to get back and catch up on this season, which i've completely missed while being here!

  2. I've been watching large portions of this seasons, which is the first season I've watched in any form since the Australian edition. I'd have watched more of this season but it is the same night as Summit's training.

  3. Anonymous6:19 pm

    I love your one-word description of Crosby:D



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