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Carol, Carol, I Need to Talk to You About Pepe

The show 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' is one that is almost destined to be a 'cult hit' because it has very little chance of ever being a mainstream success. I say this because I have some confidence that a few of you have never even heard of this show (and mainstream success sort of dictates the majority knows at least the name). If you live in Canada (or at least in Ontario), I am pretty sure the show isn't available to you even if you have the most expensive cable package. In the the United States, I know the show is on the channel FX, which I am lead to believe is only available in about 60% or so of the homes in the country. Of course, with the internet, and lovely creations like YouTube, we don't necessarily rely on the television to provide the programs we desire. There is also the fact that seemingly every semi (and not so) popular show is now put in DVD boxsets (this show is included in that list), one really does have the opportunity to watch almost anything even if their country or region doesn't broadcast it on traditional cable. Of course, one isn't going to hunt a show down on the internet or the local HMV unless they have even heard of the show, thus why I brand it for the life of a cult show.

I haven't seen many episodes of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' mainly because I find it a hassle having to scour for the episodes on the less savoury sites. I can't turn to the television because I don't believe it is available here, but also, I don't have cable (thus making its availability a mute point since it definitely isn't on the 6 channels that we have). But from what I've seen, I have found it absolutely hilarious. Maybe someday, I'll take money from Emily's purse so that I can buy Season 1.

This clip gives you a pretty good taste of the humour and flavour of this show. If you walk away form this clip thinking, 'I don't get it and I am pretty sure my brain might explode' then it is a pretty good sign this isn't the series for you. If you find yourself jumping on YouTube in a desperate hope to find as many clips as possible, then congratulations, you are one more step towards being like me. That fact may also make you feel like your brain is going to explode.