A Relationship with Jack Bauer is Bad for Your Health

I may not have been the most amazing boyfriend known to man, and I may never win the 'Greatest Husband Ever' award, but at least, I don't cause everyone I date/marry to die. You kiss Jack Bauer, you probably will be dead in the next 24 hours. Just ask Rene and Terri, which you can't because they are dead.

Anyway, 24 has totally been rocking the awesome for the last 4 or 5 episodes. This week had to be one of the fastest and wildest episodes this season. The season did have a small stretch where it sort of dragged but all in all, it looks like 24 will be ending with a super charged bang.

I was quite shocked by last week's ending, where they actually killed off Hassan. I was really questioning if they went to the climax a little early, but I learned not to underestimate the power of 24. They really outdid last week's episode with some doozy story advancements this week. Chloe is now the head of CTU. Rene takes a dirt nap. The president has to trust Charles 'The Evil Prez' Logan. I think, it is pretty clear we've got some super hot stories for the home stretch of 24.

I'm interested to see if Logan finds redemption or if he has an incredibly wicked plan in store for America. What is the master plan of the vile Russians? Speaking of vile Russians, that sniper really didn't know who he was messing with. Jack just wanted love, but the sniper sort of put the kibosh on those plans. Which means Mr. Sniper will be introduced to a whole new form of pain and suffering -- you know it has to happen.

As you can clearly see, I was rocked pretty hard by this week's awesomeness. I am pretty sure the rocking won't stop until we hit the finale in May. Great stuff from a series that some people gave up on a few years ago, but it looks like it will end with a blaze of glory.


  1. thoughts from the globe-trotter file2:30 pm

    ack! you need to post spoiler alerts... granted I might not deserve one since I still haven't finished season 7.... (although that's not my fault, jack bauer dubbed into German just straight up doesn't work!)

  2. Sorry about that. I made the wrongful assumption that since it was aired on TV already, that spoiler alerts weren't necessary. Though if you are an entire season behind, you probably would have been mostly clueless of what I was rambling about anyway. Though not sure how different that is from the usual.


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