Deep Or Cheap?

Today, we are going to play everyone's all time favourite game. Deep or Cheap?

Here is the challenge for you, and the winner gets the priviledge of knowing they have far too much time on their hands (or otherwise known as, someone who is pretty similar to me). Does this music video have a really deep and profound message/meaning that is far too intelligent and existential for me to grasp? Or did Alanis just decide that this is basically the eighth single off her super hot album, and didn't want bother doing any more work or spending anything over 5 bucks?

Either way, I do know that if this video was done in more than one take, then it was far too many

I sort of dug this song back in high school. I think, it was partially due to the fact it was so different than all her other 'angry chick' songs. It actually wasn't about gutting her ex or providing incorrect examples for irony or spewing out toxic rage against all things with a penis. It almost seems like she is happy and in a healthy relationship. Or maybe that is just me missing the deeper message again?

It seems they sort of ran out of ideas and just told Alanis to stare at the camera, and occasionally sing along with the soundtrack or play on her harmonica a bit or give her order for lunch. But again, this may just be proof of my own un'deepness'.