Random Late Evening Ponderings

When someone who calls your house asks for C Spicer, the likelihood for a deep, meaningful and personal conversation have quickly veered into the 'damn unlikely' side of things. Especially if your name is Martin Shewchuk.

I wonder if Michael Bay writes his scripts in crayon

If someone starts a conversation with, 'This isn't a pyramid scheme' then it probably is a pyramid scheme.

You some times hear very successful and wealthy people attribute some of it to luck (or divine intervention). Isn't it interesting how luck favours self-motivated, hard working, creative individuals?

That above statement may have revoked my liberal card.

Ha, jokes on them, I lost that card while doing laundry months ago.

The other day I saw a person get on the bus, and then get dropped off at the very next stop. Do some despise the actual act of walking to such a degree that even 50 metres may risk spontaneous human combustion?

It is almost never too late to turn your life around. The one exception being if you're dead, then it is pretty much impossible.

The little things in life are really what matters, but I still want a bigger TV eventually.

And backyard.

Isn't it odd that some people can have passions or hobbies that define them, yet completely stop doing them for years and years. I wonder if that is a direct correlation with some who are unhappy or even depressed.

So, my wife brought up tonight that one of the participants on "The Biggest Loser" is now only about 5 pounds heavier than me, and he is still wanting to lose weight. This may be the only time Emily is encouraging me to misplace something.

I find it intriguing that some of the most loving and levelheaded artists, are also responsible for some of the darkest and scariest works of fiction. It goes to show, people need an outlet somewhere, and I'd rather it be in the land of make-belief.

I hope everyone has had an amazing start to their week. Be Kind, Rewind.