Oh! So, That Is Why Twilight Is Popular!

I've never read Twilight. Okay, I've never read the entire book. Last year, when I was doing my placement in a Grade 6 classroom, I was actually introduced to Twilight by several swooning tween girls, who declared it the greatest literary accomplishment ever written by a human being (because Fincky the Funky Monkey still is the uncrowned king of any literary work written by something that breathes). Since they liked to spend countless hours pontificating about the dreaminess and sparkliness of Edward the hunky vampire, I thought it might be a smart idea to read up on this defining work of vampires in literary history. I got about halfway through the first chapter, decided to randomly skim other chapters to see if the style changed, and then closed the book in hopes of ending the torment I was self afflicting. Needless to say, it wasn't my favourite book of all the times, and I hope to never ever actually have to pick up another copy again. I don't like my vampires sparkly and I'd wager pretty big money that Bram Stoker would be on my side (luckily for my mortgage, we won't ever be able to confirm this). My issue was more than just how vampires were essentially neutered and became a symbol for the 'so hot he melts' bad boy, but rather pertained to how Stephenie Meyer wrote the story along with her pacing and character development. Of course, I know my criticisms don't mean much because I didn't read much more than 20 pages in total, and of course, there is the whole fact she's made a bajillion zillion more dollars than I've succeeded to do with my own writings (not that that fact devalues my own opinion of her particular brand of writing).

It does leave me in a spot, where I wondered why she was so successful. What it is that made girls flock to her books? Why is she the new face of YA fiction? And why did she feel the need to make vampires so uncool? Well, I finally found my answers. This article describes the reasons for the Twilight love with wonderful words and pretty pictures that finally gave me the understanding I've needed these last few years. Though I should warn you, that if you actually are a lover of all things Twilight, my sending you to this article might make you want to bite my neck or take off your shirt and sparkle (or however Twilight fans exact revenge).

While you are at this lovely site known as The Oatmeal, I want to direct your attention to How to Suck a Facebook, because mainly it made me giggle like a schoolgirl. And do those school girls ever giggle or something. Either way, it is funny, but may hit a little close to home for a few people.

Actually, if your humour is anywhere near mine (and if you have stuck with the blog this long, then you're either my wife or must be a semi-fan), then you should probably check out a lot of his comics. I find the rules of grammar to be educational and giggle-a-licious. So, let me do some real work and bother him for awhile over there.


  1. the oatmeal is great. it makes me giggle.
    twilight is not great. it makes me angry

  2. Anonymous7:02 am

    Leigh Eddy Nelson via Facebook:

    i actually read ALL of the Twilight series TWICE--just to make sure it was as bad as i thought it was--it was :).

  3. LOL - I was coerced into reading Twilight by my students too. It was a summer assignment; I had to report to my kids every so often, as they had to do for me through their literature circle readings. And I did it too - read the first three books and told them what I honestly thought. Absolute page-turners. Written terribly. She uses the same six adjectives to describe Edward over and over and over again. Incredible. This is why "Writing a Bestseller" and "Writing a Novel" are two separate classes at school.

  4. Leigh:
    Hmmm. . . yeah, I'm always spending time rereading or rewatching things that I don't like, thus never have time to actually see things I enjoy. It makes perfect sense. ;)
    Though sometimes a good novel can actually be a bestseller. Twilight just did not seem to want to follow that formula.

  5. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Derek Smith via Facebook:

    I read four paragraphs of that trash and I was ready to gouge my eyes out just to releave the pain.


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