10 Random Thoughts Attempting To Be Profound Quotes

I usually try to save my short thoughts for content on Twitter or Facebook, but I'm in short supply of time today and I can spew out these suckers quicker than Queasy Quintin after chugging 6 months expired milk.

10. Love is anonymously making a person happy.

9. Working at home means to everyone, but you, that you are perpetually free to babysit their kids or water their lawn when they're not around.

8. The second greatest challenge in life is figuring out when time is more valuable than money and when money is more valuable than time. The first is trying to make a great first impression while reeking of alcohol and cat urine.

7. If you constantly hold your child's hand and tell them which path to take throughout life, then they'll always miss the treasure buried in the bushes.

6. What is right for you, is right for YOU.

5. The biggest problem with many religious groups is not the theology, but the opposition towards those who question.

4. Authority figures and elders are the ones who should be required to show the most respect.

3. Any person can judge, but a great person understands.

2. An expert is often someone just like you, but they get paid for it.

1. Beware of the one who speaks in bite sized quotes.


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