I Think I Saw That Episode. . .

In video form, this is very, very, very funny. In real life form, I am pretty sure I would jump into 'Kung Fu Action' mode in about 3.85 seconds. Then in about .10 seconds after that, I would find myself on the way to intensive care, because I seriously pulled something in my back and about 27 other parts of my body.

Of course, there would be the relentless fury of rage punches I would suffer, because I have feeling Emily would have a problem with me having dinner for my first date too. Though, I don't think it would be the dinner part she would be bothered with, but the whole, the girl isn't her part.

If you enjoyed this as much as I did (the video, not my wife's fictional rage attack), then be sure to skip on over to our dear friends, College Humor.