"It's not been a blockbuster year for me financially. My Blockbuster stock is down." - Micheal Scott

Words of wonderfulness from The Office.

Actually, you probably shouldn't be looking into buying any Blockbuster stock. The company that was once a massive consumer powerhouse is now about 6 months from being extinct like the dinosaurs or Wuzzles. There is a very interesting article by Matt Zoller Seitz which laments the inevitable collapse of Blockbuster (okay, it has already collapsed, but it still has a few wheezing breaths at this point).

I can relate to the feelings of the article quite well. In high school and college, if we weren't going to see a movie at the cinema on the weekend, then we'd probably find ourselves scanning the aisles of Blockbuster. I made several visits a month there, and watched a countless variety of videos. Of course, I also remember even back then thinking the place was overpriced, and lacked any kind of selections outside of the mainstream, big production company films. But it was fun scanning the aisle with 6 or so friends, and breaking into spontaneous discussions about our favourite movies moments or how a certain film impacted us. It was incredible fun to find that rare gem of a film that you never heard of before, but interested you because either it had an actor you loved or it appeared to have the potential to be the greatest train wreck either (in the case of former Breakfast Club cast members, the film could be both).

I'll stop here because I want you to read the article, because it is a good one. It explains why Blockbuster's days are most likely numbered, but also explains that even though it had a lot of faults, there is reasons it will be missed.


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