I'm Home!!!

Did you miss me?

Where did I go, you ask? Well, I am sure the pictures that have popped up this week to replace the rather absent words will provide the necessary clues. If that doesn't work, then my last Facebook status and Twitter tweet were a little more blatant. But I can say it was awfully fun, but it is rather nice being back in my house with my delightful 'boys'. Apparently, Summit missed me too, and played the role of homsesick puppy for the last week. He is now promptly out like a light, because I get the impression he worked himself up to a tizzy.

What exactly is a tizzy? Well, I'd ask Summit, but he's too busy blocking the air from the vent at the moment. Plus he isn't that great at offering explanation when he is paying attention to me anyway (unless drool and chewing are great forms of explanation that I was never properly taught).

Instead of proper tizzy explaining, I'll leave you with the knowledge that I am safely home. Because I know you were all so worried. Because you're good like that.