Tuesday's Tough Question To Ponder

Is there ever a time or place that a purple polka dot suit is considered classy? And more importantly, what can we do in order to make a world where the answer is yes?


And on a completely different note, I've been getting lots of comments on some of the older posts lately, which is completely awesome. I love being able to get feedback and have the opportunity to interact with the readers who frequent here (or even those that just drop by and then wander off into the abyss). I especially love getting comments on my more 'controversial' articles, because I am fully aware my side isn't the only one and it is nice to get articulated and civil views that may not agree with my own. It allows for great discussion and for a variety of opinions to be presented. Of course, it is nice to be able to read comments that are on my side from time to time too. Either way, comments help this blog become more like a community and also fuel me to write more articles (since sometimes the comments bring up points I had not thought of, thus inspire me to blog about it). All this to say, I really appreciate my readers and I'm humbled by the constant growth this blog is experiencing, and I look forward to more comments (and if you are reading some of my older stuff, don't be afraid to comment since I'll be able to read those as well).

Anyway, as my quick post would indicate, I've got lots to do today, but I hope you have yourself a rather wonderful Tuesday.