I Need Your Help. . .

So, with my blog constantly growing its daily readership (because of great posts like this), I've decided it might be time to come up with a disguise. Because you see, with the inevitable hordes of fans that will be hounding my every move in order to get my great insight and advice, I will need a way to hide myself away in order to allow time for my whimsical and invaluable words to flow out of my priceless fingers (and also, with the mob of screaming teenage girls and legions of fanatic fan boys, I may never be able to have a normal life with my family without the disguise).

So, since it only makes sense to get disguise tips from the very people I may need to hide from, I need your assistance in figuring out what type of clothing should I use for my alter ego?

A purple vest?

Or a pair of glasses?

Or maybe, I'll wear both! Because then there is no way anyone (not even my loving wife) can tell it is me.


  1. I gotta see a picture if you in a purple vest and glasses! Better yet, dressed like he-man!


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