A Pretty Graph to Show The Insanity of Pegging All Muslims as Terrorist

I've written a fair bit about the outright racism and narrow mindedness being showed towards American Muslims. While I think I've made my own feelings, beliefs and opinions extremely clear, thus don't have much more to add, I did receive a very interesting graph from a friend of mine. Even though I'm not one for graphs and stats particularly, I think it does at least visualize exactly what I was writing about in regards to the unfair treatment towards Muslims. It helps demonstrate the point that even though Al Quaeda considers themselves Muslims (even though they about as Muslim as Ted Phelps is Christian), that does not mean at all that Muslims are Al Queada. When you look at the religion that spans the entire globe, it is rather silly to peg all those people as being the same as a small group of complete radical loonies. I thought, it was a worthwhile chart to bring to the blog, because it helps present information that a lot of people are still in rather desperate need of viewing. In order to see all it circley goodness in larger form, click it for its own larger window.


  1. Anonymous7:29 pm

    To be perfectly fair, there may or may not be some overlap between the Muslim-American population and Al Qaeda. Venn diagrams are fun.

  2. Perfectly fair? I never claimed the diagram was scientific or official or a type of proof. Rather it was a visual presentation of a view and belief that is fairly similar to what I was writing about several times on this very blog. The key issue is that Muslim does not equal terrorist, just like Christian doesn't equal fanatical, right wing bigot. The venn diagram shows that there is an overwhelmingly majority of Muslims that are not radical nutjobs. It is highly likely you will go through your life in the west, and never come across a single Muslim that has any ties whatsoever with Al Quaeda. Unfortunately, there is a group that doesn't believe this, which is a very harmful untruth to hold.


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