So Much For Being Undefeated

I wasn't expecting a perfect season, but losing 17-3 tonight?!? And allowing 10 sacks in a game, which is the most in franchise history since 1963 (when they started recording sacks). Come on my beloved Bears, that was not the team that won three straight games this season. Here I was, rather pumped to be able to see the Chicago Bears actually play on TV, but instead, I saw them stumble around for 60 minutes and get it handed to them by the Giants.

But my weekend wasn't just football, and it was a rather fantastic weekend if I'd say so myself. And I just did. I went on a wonderful date to Toronto with the beautiful wife on Saturday night and enjoyed some time in downtown Brantford on Sunday (attending Word in the Square). I attended a few things that are very blog worthy, but first, I must sleep. Because the Bears wore me out, and plus, it's late.


  1. Anonymous8:43 am

    Ouch... 10 sacks. There seems to be nothing more disappointing than to finally see you team televised and then watch them turn in a sad performance.


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