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BlogBack: A Look At The Year Of Random And Slightly Insane Blog Posts

I wanted to do something on the blog that could be a proper send off to the year 2010. And since I am a self centred and egotistical writer, I decided it should be something that is heavily focused on me. Then I got thinking, 'What exactly has been the one thing this year that has always had my involvement, and largely been about me and my opinions?' Then I told myself to stop talking to myself, and quickly realized, that was probably the worst approach in order to stop that. So, then I just quit.

Once I regained a semblance of my sanity (or at least as much as I've ever had), I thought it would be interesting to do a little recap of this here blog. I've done a rather spiffy job of staying pretty consistent with this blog, and have been able to put something up daily since the last day of January. And once I accomplish my life goal of changing the modern calendar, that will mean I shot out a blog post every single day this year (but until that glorious day, I've just had a daily blog post since the end of January). This means that I've compiled a rather hefty collection of posts over this year, though one may argue that a picture of a cute puppy or a post about how I am not posting on that day shouldn't really count. But nobody said anything about quality, so I am counting them. So there.

The crazy thing about consistently blogging, is that it actually allows you to have a reader base. Apparently, readers actually want something to read (crazy readers). Over the last several months, I've seen my daily hits increase by some decent amounts (by my very humble and feeble site standards, mind you). It also means that there is a good chance some of the newer readers may have missed out on the pure blogging gold that emerged on this site. Or a reader had a really hectic laundry day last week, and missed out on some of the more recent symphony of words. Or the more likely case, my ego has taken complete control of my sanity, and I now think showcasing old posts is the best way to reflect upon this passing year.

And that my fine readers, is exactly what I plan to do. Over the next several weeks, I plan to showcase 10 past blog posts from this year. Even though that picture with Summit wearing a hat was the cuteness, my plan is to post links of the works that I was either extra proud of or thought generated some controversy or feel have some relevance in bringing up again. Even though it would make for a very easy day to just put up a link and call that the daily post, there is an added bonus I want to attach to each of these upcoming 10 blog posts.

I've always really enjoyed reading the author notes at the end of a novel or short story or collection of works. It probably is just my literary geekiness showing, but I'm interested to find out what the writer's thought process was or what it was that inspired them to write the piece. I think it is great to see what type of things motivate or stimulate a writer in coming up with creative ideas. I also feel it is helpful in being able to see a part of another writer's journey.

There is a chance I may be the only person who is interested in that thing, but in case I am not, I decided to attempt the same thing with the 10 blog posts I'll showcase over the remainder of this year. I've been asked several times what motivated me to write a certain piece or how I came up with a crazy idea. I've got enough of those questions, that I started thinking it might be good to answer them (it might end the awkward silence during dinner). And so, for 10 specific blog posts I'll be giving those answers. I'll either explain what motivated me to write a piece or how I was inspired or even, the thoughts or emotions I was encountered with during the writing process. It could be fascinating or it could be a massive train wreck just waiting to happen. Either way, you should bring the popcorn.

Now, the thing is, I have an idea of what pieces I want to talk about, but I am far from decided on most of them. So, if there is post that you were intrigued by or maybe even confused about, then this is your chance to have it explained. I will take requests (and possibly proceed to ignore them) for this little trip down blogging lane. Since I still have a few weeks before the year is kaput, I probably won't be starting right way, so you've got a chance to ask what the heck was up with that spider.