Pimping For A Good Cause

I've been getting a bit of a case of the 'Mondays' today, which is especially odd since it is Tuesday. But I'm still trying to work out my writing schedule for the next few weeks, and putting together the strategies to further this whole 'career as a writer' thing that I got my eyes on. Of course, the plus side of that means that I might have some delicious and nutritious words for your public consumption that are in places other than this blog. But this also means that some days this blog is forgotten in the corner and forced to play with its shoelaces in order to remain entertained. Today was one of those shoe lace days.

I still wanted to mention something on here today, and as the title alludes, it is a little bit of pimpage. I've got a really good and dear friend of mine that now works at Habitat for Humanity Brant, and so I wanted to do him a completely unsolicited favour in the form on giving the organization a shout out on here. Plus Habitat for Humanity is actually a really marvelous organization that should be brought to the attention of thousands and thousands. So, I'll do my part by alerting my tens and tens (and tens?). According to their web site (which has given me no reason to question it), the international parent organization has built homes for over a million people worldwide since its inception in 1976. The Brantford chapter has been kicking around since 1998 and has been able to provide homes for 8 families, which is a rather splendid thing. Because families need homes, but sometimes that is easier to type in a blog rather than make a real thing. Habitat for Humanity Brant has made it a real thing and will continue to do that.

If you're living or near Brantford then you need to check out their ReStore, where your purchases will help fund the organization further. If you're going to give your money to an organization, why not to do it to one that is giving real help to people who need it (rather than organization bent on ruling the world or draining the global Pop Tart supply).

If you prefer to do your perusing in web form, then you can also check out more information about Habitat for Humanity Brant on this wonderful thing called the internet. They have a website you can surf, and they also found themselves on the Twitter -- so you really must follow them (I am!).

There, go do that for a bit and I'll be here when you get back.