The Media Diary Will Return

My Token I Survived The Week Post

Yeah, I realize 2011 has not kicked off to be a stellar year of blogging. But it will get better, I promise. This just happened to be one of those weeks where TGIF just seems like the most appropriate acronym and description possible to cap it all off. I am pretty sure my week would have been more enjoyable if I spent it with an elephant on my lap and orcs tossing spears into my ear. That would have at least given me much more entertaining things to write about on here. Instead, I'm left telling you that you should go scour the archives and check out posts from a time that is not now. There is good stuff in there, I promise. Though you may already know that, because why else do you keep on coming back here. You must remember a time when I blogged about relevant issues, rather than whine about not having large mammals on my lap and mythical creature piercing my body parts. Or you were Googling for the best spices for your chili and happened to be tricked into wandering on in here. Sorry about that, but please leave me some chili. I love that stuff.

Anyway, this week sucked the words right out of me, and I have nothing left. Well, other than to wish you a lovely weekend. So, go have on those, please.