Now, Time For Some Wednesday Thoughts

Despite it being called hump day, there is a major lack of hunchbacks and whales. Or at least, I encountered neither. I did encounter several patients that seemed rather upset that I wouldn't wave a magic wand to make their colds go away or was keeping all the doctors hostage in a closet (or they seemed to believe it was my fault that they couldn't be seen immediately). Between the two options, I think I'd have rather seen the whales. Or write. Yes, I would have definitely preferred to do some of that writing thing. Because apparently, you need to write in order to actually be able to make a lucrative career from writing. Plus this poor little blog of mine has got a bit of the shaft these last few weeks. I do promise that the nutritious and delicious words will be making a comeback. I have some book reviews planned and of course, some great political and non political rants in store.

Though none of that will be tonight. Nope, tonight I sleep. But feel free to share how your day was with me. I'll be listening. Promise. Zzzzz.