The Media Diary Will Return

Remember When I Posted On Here Daily?

Yeah, I am going to try to do that again. I've unfortunately just not been in a 'blog until the cows come home' kind of place. I've got my non blogging reasons, and you'd be happy to know that they aren't just, "Hey, Sam & Max works on my new computer and so I'm just going to play it and eat pop tarts until my ass gets big enough to be declared a new province.' I'm not saying that I haven't taken advantage of my new computer's ability to play games, but I am saying that it is far from the reason for my blog's current vacant of words state.

My reasons have been more of the 'life has just gotten crazier than a dingo trying to ride a moped in a museum of natural history while being pelted by rabid chipmunks.' Believe me, that is pretty crazy. I ended up getting a lot of writing work since I last blogged, and actually, enough where it made up for that whole two weeks where I was moaning about no clients loving me. They now have started showing way too much love, and so it was getting to be a rather challenging balancing act between my freelance writing business and my ol' soul sucking office job. Plus there was the whole spending quality time with quality people thing, and I ended up doing a lot of that lately while also still trying to bring home the proverbial bacon. Unfortunately, life decided that wasn't enough for me, and so they threw in a heaping dose of family emergency. This very unfortunate event has been occupying my time and thoughts. It has also been a time to really show how valuable family and friends can be. You throw all these things in and it has left little time for blogging. I really do intend to get this thing back to almost daily output(and on really good days, a double or triple dose of blog action).

So, that is my non blogging excuses and I'd say they are rather fine. To really make it up for you, I may have some really cool announcements to make in the coming months, but for now, they are just super top secret tantalizers to force you to continually check on in here.

That is my vague recap of the weeks that have past. How is life with you?


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