Work Status Update

I've not been pelted with rotten tomatoes and no patients tried to see my insides via a rustic spork (which would be fascinating to see, since I think they only come in plastic). Plus my soul is currenly sealed inside me and my office job does not seem to be making the proper measures to suck it out. I am okay with this by the way. I like my soul. I hear it is a good thing to have for a long and happy life. Plus I hear clients aren't really looking for soulless writers unless they're vampires.

I thought I needed to let you know that I haven't been pulled into the black hole of misery, and I am having a just fine and dandy day at the office. Or as fine as a day at the office is capable of being (ie: still probably will want a beer tonight) It isn't quite like my wriitng business, but I do get to write things. Though not sure how big the patient referral market is out there for clients.

Hoping your day has just been spanking fresh good.


  1. Anonymous1:20 pm

    my day is indeed spanking fresh good... got A&W on the go.

  2. That is basically the definition of the word, right there.


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