Should Have Looked At What I Was Leaping Into

I'll blog again. I promise. Just trying to manage all the new client work that came marching into my office and did a wonderful tap dance number on my head. I am not complaining (just in case you felt the need to call it that), because I am rather happy with an army of writing work barging into my life, because such an army comes equipped with money. Money has a funny way of paying for mortgages and soda pops. I sort of planned and hoped that having a writing business would have actual writing work to keep me occupied. So, I am very, very, very, very happy with this current occurrence. But I'm also busy. I am also really hoping that I'll eventually feel like I have a handle on this new life of mine (one that I think will be 'easier' when I officially work my last day at the factory of soul sucking). Right now, I feel I'm trapped in the middle of a tornado and just waiting to be tossed out the other end. Though hopefully, the tossing will be on some plush pillows that happened to be left out by the neighbours -- because if you can't trust neighbours to toss out pillows than who can you trust? So yeah, please excuse this rather neglected blog, but I'm hoping that this will become a very active place again, real soon. Because I like it here, especially when you come and visit.

Plus I still plan on posting that very special piece that I mentioned in my past post. You'll want to come for that and revel in its specialness. Or something.


  1. Anonymous8:17 am

    Diane Ellis via Facebook:

    It's all good things Chris. A little life re-adjustment..that's all.

  2. Hi Chris,

    You write funny! In a good way :-)

    I hope your last day of work at the soul-sucking factory comes soon! And I hope Quips and Tips becomes a big source of writing work for you...

    Laurie P-K
    aka Quips and Tips
    aka The Adventurous Writer

  3. I sense the days of soul sucking will be quickly replaced by the days of hair pulling and deadline panicking (but in a good way).

  4. Anonymous11:47 am

    David Wierzbicki via Facebook:

    Awesome to hear that you have so much work coming your way!

    Do you have anyone to pass work off to (some sort of subcontracting) if you end up with too much to complete? Do writers do that sort of thing?

  5. Yeah, there is lots of writers that end up doing that. There is actual freelance writing businesses that have a staff of writers for that very purpose. Though in my case, it is just me and I like it that way.

  6. Anonymous12:55 pm

    David Wierzbicki via Facebook:

    cool. really glad you are able to do what you love.


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