Deserting You for the Week But Appeasing You with Cute Pet Pictures

I'm going to be away from the computer for the week, because I'm self employed and my boss says it's okay. So, unless there is absolutely something that must be shared with the masses, I'm going to be taking an internet sabbatical for the week.

Depending my mood, I could be back as early as next Tuesday night (August 2nd), but will definitely make my triumphant return on the Wednesday. So triumphant that I might do it with a chariot and fleet of Pegasus horses. Or the writer's equivalent.

I realize I threw this absence on you last minute, and even worse I've planned it for weeks without telling you. But I know you're a tough bunch and you'll manage the internet fine without me.

To make it up to you, I offer you up a collection of pictures of my super cute pets. Revel in their adorableness.