"I Should Listen to My Own Advice" Moment

I've stated before that it is pretty imperative that you have a signed agreement or contract with all your clients. It is a way to protect you in case they flake out or decide they don't want to do a minor thing like pay you or complain about the work your produced. Because for all those things, you can then refer them to the agreement and provide that helpful reminder that everything was already agreed upon in writing. Agreement and contract aren't foolproof, especially if you end up messing up in some way on your part of the agreement, but they're one of the best ways to make sure you get what has been agreed upon.

Yeah, there is a lot of clients that would rather work without contracts, and in reality, don't need contracts because they're upfront and honest. They know you worked hard to provide a quality product and so they agree to pay you for what was agreed upon. But in the end, it is good policy to have a contract put in place for almost any client you work for, even if they're the most trustworthy person known to man.

Good advice, right?

Well, I'm wishing I followed it today.

Let's just chalk it up to one of the many headache and frustrations you get with being a freelancer.

Okay, it's out of my system now.