A Look at Brantford's Future

It was in October that the freshly elected Brantford Mayor Chris Friel declared he was going to help move the city into the 21st century. The statement was something that I started thinking about for weeks and weeks. What does it mean to be a 21st century city? And how do we get there?

I started thinking there was a good story there. A chance to really look at Brantford and analyze ways of improving it. Ever since I moved back to this city, I started realizing how much potential it has and how amazing it can be (and already is). So, I really started to believe that such a story would not only be an interesting read but could add value for others. It was an article that I've been thinking about for a long time.

I then got an amazing opportunity to interview Mayor Chris Friel and get his take on what needs to be done to move Brantford forward. It was an insightful and inspiring interview. It gave me lots of valuable information for an engaging article.

I am really glad that Diane Bertolin from Collective Publishing agreed to purchase the article and present it on the website. The site isn't Brantford centric, but she still obviously believed there was a story worth presenting to the masses.

If you're from Brantford and you're passionate about the city, then I encourage you to give it a read and provide some feedback on the site. And even if you're not from Brantford, please check it out and view it as a possible template for all other former manufacturing cities of around 100 000 people.

I hope you enjoy this look into a city with tons of untapped potential and a marvelous rich history.


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