Lots to Say but Not Going to Say It

I could probably give you a nice, detailed summary about my adventures in New York. But my pictures just captured the emotions and moments so well. Plus at this exact moment, I fear my summary will end up becoming an epic tome, which my current client works says I don't have time to write.

I could write a review on Billy Elliot, which was the wonderful Broadway play we enjoyed in New York. I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought, and I could use up several paragraphs explaining exactly why. But I'm not going to because I'm not in a current review a stage play I watched several days ago kind of mood. The one massive advantage of my blog over my paid writing work is that I can actually choose to not write something if I don't feel like it (actually, I don't have to do any paid work either since it is all freelance but then I'm left with an unpaid mortgage and mounting bills).

Speaking of not being in a review writing mood, I've got a growing pile of books on my desk that I've read over the last several months that I've had every intention of reviewing. I could review one of them today or just do a whole grab bag of reviews for all them. But I won't. Not today.

Lots of things are shaping up in the political world. Not just in Canada, but down with the Americans, and way over the ocean too. It has been an interesting time for politics and news. I could easily come up with lots to write on today. But I won't. Not today at least. It just isn't a political writing kind of day.

Nah, instead, I would just rather tell you all the things I could write about, but then not do any of them.

Yep, that sounds good with me.

Now, I've got pressing writing work to attend to, and that, I must (if I want to be paid) do.

How has your Thursday been?