Back to School for Students and Teachers (Or Business as Usual for Everyone Else)

I remember when I was a kid that the day after labour day being one filled with mixed emotions and a stomach full of imaginary butterflies. I was excited to see the friends I missed all the summer, and I looked forward to hearing about everyone's adventures of summer. I was eager to see how people had changed. I was even slightly geared up for another school year, because it was a fresh start. It could be the year I actually enjoyed math and excelled in my studies and maybe try out for the sports teams. It was a vast wilderness of opportunities and promise.

On the other hand, it meant summer was over, and I had several hours chained to a desk to look forward to each day. Plus I was what you'd call a daydreamer, and maybe not your most focused student; when I was young, the classroom wasn't quite designed to be optimized to my learning style. So, my feelings of anticipation were always mixed with some dread and anxiety. By the time the first half hour or so passed of school, I was actively looking forward to the first recess or break.

September now brings similar mixed emotions, but for very different reasons. I don't have to worry about adjusting to a new teacher. There isn't any school bully to worry about. But I do have lots of assignments (or at least I hope I will) to tackle and need to focus on. The writing season picks up again with businesses being back at full power, and everyone looking towards ending the calendar year at their best. So, I don't have to worry about suffering through 45 minutes of math, but I do need to keep the daydreaming in check. It isn't the first day of school, but it is the start of what I hope will be a very busy period of writing work. This is my first aggressive marketing campaign for my writing business, and what I hope is the start towards some real growth. I definitely have some of those mixed feelings that I once had as a child (I eagerly look forward to all the possibilities, but feel the anxiety that comes when your gambling on success).

Emily, on the other hand, does have to return to school. Despite having an entire summer off, she isn't quite ready to call summer quits. Unfortunately, if she wants that regular pay cheque, then she really doesn't get to make that call. So, she is back to school today, but thanks to that little one brewing in her belly, it will be a shorter return to work this year.

The return to school wasn't my favourite time as a kid, but I can say that I'm liking it as an adult. The house and streets are far more quiet, and I feel I am much more productive already. There isn't screaming children outside, or even the constant walker/bikers who Summit feels he must always bring to my attention.

The quiet house isn't perfect. I mean, I like it and it is better for my writing work. But I do have to say that it is nice having my wife around. It was nice knowing that Emily was there when I wanted to take a break. I enjoyed my mid day hugs and having someone to each lunch with. I'll miss that.

I do appreciate the fact Emily being away, means that is another pay cheque to assist our growing family. It also means that I am not taking those extended breaks or tempted to push that writing assignment aside. I am blessed with a peaceful home, and have no reason to not write (unless I find a really good video on Youtube). Considering this is the time period where I hope mass amounts of work rain from the heavens, it's nice to be in the optimal work environment.

I am also glad that I did get to enjoy the long weekend with Emily. The blog was proof that I took advantage of the wonders of a long weekend, because it was absolutely silent here. It was good to have those final few days, and now I'm geared for what will be a busy and productive next few months.

If you're back to school, then I wish you best. If you're a work at home person, then I hope you enjoy the quiet. If you're everyone else, then I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. If you live somewhere that didn't have a long weekend, then I wish you a great Tuesday.

And if you're Summit or Crosby, congrats on finally learning how to operate a computer.

There, I think I have everyone covered.