My Quick 'In & Out' Emmy Thoughts

I watched parts of the Emmy Awards in between watching the football games, scouring the sports channels to find out if the Bears won (alas, they didn't), playing with Summit and the neighbour's dogs, and slowly folding the laundry. So, I didn't catch the full awards ceremony experience, but for the most part, that also means I get to keep my sanity. Despite not seeing a lot of it, I'll share a few quick thoughts anyway -- because it is my blog, and that is what I do.

I didn't watch enough to see how Jane Lynch did as a host, but the online reviews seem to be glowing and positive. Though I've never seen an episode of Glee in my life, I have liked most things she has been in. I'm going to assume she did a tip top job, because she is a genuinely funny lady and would have performed well, as long as the writers were half decent.

I didn't know the nomination beforehand, but a little disappointed that The Walking Dead didn't even get any kind of nod. I wonder if that is partly due to the fact it was only 6 episodes. I also have a slight feeling it is a bit of snobbery towards sci-fi/horror type shows, because I don't think anything within that genre got any recognition.

For the most part, it seems like the deserving shows and actors got their just due. Though there are a good amount of these shows that I've never seen, but I at least have an idea of how they're viewed among the critics.

I'm happy to see Modern Family clean up in the majority of the comedy categories, including getting Outstanding Comedy Series. I think it is a huge step above most of the other comedies out there, and so it clearly deserved the award (I know there is a rather huge Big Bang Theory contingent, but I've never actually seen the show).

Mad Men
seems to have dominated the Outstanding Drama Series award for the last few years. I am beginning to think that I really need to start checking that show out. I've always meant to, since it is so highly acclaimed. The problem is joining a show after it is already so many seasons in, and the stories and characters are already established and solidly in place. I need to get a hold of older seasons and finally check the series out.

I was also impressed that the show actually ended on time. That is absolutely unheard of with the Academy Awards, and so it refreshing to see an awards show that isn't bloated and overly long. This show does have the advantage of not having an award for theme music or score, and so they don't have several musical acts that need to be played throughout the night. I definitely think an awards show is far more bearable if it tries to stay under 3 hours rather than stretch into the ungodly hours of early morning.

I'm not sure if this happens every year, but there seemed to be a large amount of celebrity award presenters who aren't associated with TV. Or maybe I was just unaware of the shows they've been involved in (or had a guest appearance in). It was odd seeing people like Gwyneth Paltrow and William H. Macy at an awards show for television, when they're largely associated with film.

I liked the opening musical number, and thought it had a lot of great jokes. Though of course if you're unaware of the current crop of television then most of the gags and jokes would have gone over as well as Charlie Sheen performing at a kid's birthday party (unless you don't care about child sobriety). So, as long as it lasts on YouTube, here is the musical opening that made me giggle at parts and at other times made it aware how few shows I'm caught up on.


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    Wanda Hunt via Facebook:

    You really must start watching Big Bang Theory!!!


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