Just Keep Swimming

Today I Order You to Devour Turkey

Unless you don't want to. Then you know, devour whatever you like.

I'll actually probably eat very little turkey today, because I did my turkey devouring yesterday. We hosted our first ever Thanksgiving Feast, and I'd say it was a rousing success. There was much food to gorge on, and even more great company to enjoy. The event did a mighty fine job of fulfilling the requisite merriment and joyfulness that is expected from a family holiday gathering.

But if you haven't had your Thanksgiving Feast yet, then I hope you get all the necessary food stuffing glory today. For the rest of you, I hope you do your best in recovering from your turkey coma. I'm going to recover by doing some much needed yard work and possibly wash down that turkey with some Swiss Chalet chicken (it's the Canadian thing to do).

As for my American readers, you're probably wondering why I celebrated Thanksgiving a month early. Well, Canadians are an impatient bunch, I guess. I hope you enjoyed your Columbus Day, which as far as I can tells is just like any other Monday (except the car dealership has Columbus Day deals and the postman doesn't come to your house --- which essentially means one less day of bills and car dealership ads).

Hoping everyone's weekend was grand and your Monday is following suit. I've got some turkey to work off.