Guess What I'll Be Watching a Year from Now


I wasn't overly excited about the upcoming The Hobbit film, because cinematic prequels haven't necessarily had the best track record. The actual book is fine and dandy, but I never really thought it was as strong as The Lord of the Rings. But this trailer? It makes me feel like a drooling fan boy, and gets me the kind of excited that zooms me back to my childhood.

Going to the theatre as a child was such a magical experience for me, and allowed my mind to soar with imagination. Films like Star Wars, ET, and Back to the Future took me to far off lands and spurred me on to make up my own epic stories. These weren't just films, but they were epic events that helped shape my creativity and feed into my delight for the fantastic.

This trailer reminds me of those days. It looks like an epic fantasy that is going to unlock all kinds of imagination and creativity. Plus it will be a pretty fun way to allow a few hours fly past me.

Consider me officially stoked, and ready to find a babysitter for a Friday in December.