I Scrapped The Post I Was Writing, So Let's Have Some Muppets Instead

I was actually several hundred words into a blog post today, until I realized I was absolutely bored with writing it. If I was having a hard time getting through it, then I don't want to imagine the horror you would experience trying to slog through my dredge. So, I did the whole highlight and delete routine, and it is now eternally stuck into the writer's abyss. I am pretty sure that is where it belongs.

Since I've now have effectively wasted several precious minutes of my morning, I've voted against attempting another length blog post. Instead, I'll resort to the always classic standby of MUPPETS! Because they're trendy now thanks to the movie, and well, they're always awesome, anyway.

This is remix/cover of The Muppet Show Theme Song that is done by OK GO. This has apparently been out for a few years now, but sometimes I'm too busy chasing squirrels with fuzzy tails to notice certain pop culture phenomenons. The actual song is pretty good, but it is the video that is pure Muppet magic. It has the classic humour and it is just a lot of fun. It actually makes me really wish they would greenlight a new The Muppet Show


  1. Anonymous9:27 am

    Melinda Mary via Facebook:

    We say the movie last night and loved it... but I keep saying, "Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh..." in my head.


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