If the Last Few Weeks Haven't Been Enough of a Kick to the Groin for the Bears. . .

The only thing worse than losing Cutler would probably be Matt Forte getting injured.

So, of course that is exactly what happened this weekend.

Now, there isn't any word on Forte missing any more games, but this season is quickly becoming a fire ball up the nostril. They lost Forte early in the game yesterday, and basically, proved how much the team relies on him offensively. They couldn't get anything more than a field goal and now the Bears suffered a second straight loss. At least Detroit took a loss yesterday too, but Bears aren't really making my play off dreams too shiny and fuzzy (or realistic) at the moment.

Maybe I should take up knitting or something for the rest of season.


  1. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Ryan Robinson via Google +:

    At least your hope lasted a lot longer than mine. My Bucs started 4-2, leading the division, then have lost 6 straight, now dead last in the division and safely out of the playoff race. And they didn't even have any major injuries to blame

  2. I am still holding out hope that the Bears will not be golfing come play off time. It would be nice if they can stay healthy. I have to admit that falling out of play off contention after a 4-2 start would be a rather bitter pill to swallow now that the Bucs have taken to losing.


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