My Top Blog Posts of 2011

2011 has been kicked out the door, and 2012 is now beginning to make itself at home. I'm looking forward to 2012, and believe it will be a pretty remarkable year. It will be the year that I get to enjoy my expanded family, and continue to see my writing career grow. Before I look at the year ahead, I want to be able to reflect upon the year that was. 2011 was quite the roller coaster of a year. It brought incredible heartbreak but also unbelievable happiness. Yes, I lost loved ones, but it was also the year that I became both an uncle and a daddy. Though it is definitely not the kind of year I want to repeat, it gave me some memories I'll cherish forever.

As a way to reflect upon 2011, I wanted to list what I feel are the best posts I wrote on the blog. I feel this collection gives a rather nice retrospective on what exactly 2011 meant to me.

Absolutely Awful Tips For A Successful Writing Career - Around this time I was getting lots of requests to go out for coffee and deliver advice on how one may make money writing. So of course, it naturally put me in the mood to be extra snarky.

My Incredibly Biased View Of Today's Huge Game - Result of the game didn't go the way I wanted, but I like this post because it reminds me that the Bears actually had a good season a year ago.

Snow Day!!!
- Because I have to include some animal pictures.

Advice When Dealing With Customer Service (Or Anyone Providing You A Service)
- I absolutely despised my time working the front desk at a doctor's office, but it did provide me with enough rage to write gems like this post.

Dear Stephen Harper. . . - The one day of the year where I decided to be kind of nice to Stephen Harper.

Oh No! It's the Last Saturday Ever! - This wasn't even the only rapture of the year promised by that darling, Harold Camping.

No Shark Fin Soup For You -- In Brantford
- I still get a kick out of the fact some folks were touting the ban as a way to boost Brantford tourism, because I always go to places to not see something.

RIP Macho Man Randy Savage 1952-2011
- Considering it is by far the most read post ever, I should probably include it.

Forever and Always: A Tribute to a Dear Belated Loved One - I miss you, Grandma.

The One Fictional Character I'd Never Want to Hang Out With - This is how I procrastinate from client work.

Yes, I'm a Writing Slut, But I Still Have Standards - I've done several writing related articles on this blog, but this is probably my favourite -- partly because I still dig the title.

Rebuttal to the Overstated Argument That Atheism Has Killed More People Than Any Religion -This is one of those posts I was afraid was going to bring out the fiery hate, but it didn't rile up too much controversy. I still really like the piece and point to it when people us the overstated argument in my presence.

RIP Jack Layton 1950 - 2011 - A piece I actually made money on, but that was never ever the intention. I think it is a fair tribute to an amazing man. He will be missed.

The Latest "Spiritual" Moment for a Soon To Be Father
- And it only got better.

The Colouring of Hate - It is fun ranting against pure stupidity.

Dear Donald Trump, Here are 15 Reasons You Should Give Me a Million Dollars. . . - It was a pretty popular pieces, but not good enough to get The Don to part with a million.

Remembering 9/11
- I never wrote a reflection on 9/11 before this, so it was a pretty important piece for me.

One Schmuck's Attempt at Giving You Advice for Success in Your Life - I have a nasty habit of throwing out advice that is a little out of my league, but I thought this one actually carried real value.

How Not to Hide the Fact You're Smoking Pot
- This actually happened.

Why You May Want to Hit Reverse on Your Drive to the Afterlife? - Another post that didn't generate the discussion I anticipated, but I still felt the message had to be put out there.

Thanks to the Turkey - Emily says, "You should do a Thanksgiving themed article." I respond with this.

What I Will Always Hold Close: A Tribute to a Belated Loved One - I'm torn apart by this post. I think it was a good tribute to a great man, but I never wanted to have to write such a thing in 2011. Everett will hear many great things about his grandpa. I promise.

“Because Who Wants a Real Job?”: 14 Not Entirely Helpful Insights on Being a Freelance Writer
- There is so many misconceptions about freelance writing; this blog post will not remove any of them.

The First (Real) Snowfall of the Season - One of my first times playing with my new camera, and I hope to do many more of these in 2012.

21 Really Bad Gift Ideas - I hope you didn't end up with any of these gifts.

A Friday Night Engagement with Ancient Pay Phones, Large Murals and Rice Pudding: A Fan Requested Blog Post - The rice pudding still calls to me in my sleep. I fear for my life.

The Official Ranking of 2011 Films That I Saw: Yet Another Post Demanded by My Readers
-I just wrote this a few weeks ago, and I am already questioning a few of my rankings.

Mary Christmas
- And how I do Christmas.

The Greatest Boxing Day Surprise Ever: AKA The Most Wonderful Excuse for Not Blogging for Several Days
- The absolute best way to cap off the year of blogging. I love you, Everett.

And just because I never did one last year, here are my favourites of 2010.

The First 7 Months of Summit's Life: A Pictorial Story
The Drought is Finally Over, Now Let the Downpour Begin
Advice I'd Give To 13 Year Old Me
Things I Now Do Because I'm Married
Why I Am On Ann Coulter's Side Regarding Ottawa
Outing Jennifer Knapp's Criticizers
The Epic Failure of a Sweeping Argument
Now For The Other Side Of G20 Mayhem
RIP Cardboard Box
10 Random Thoughts Attempting To Be Profound Quotes
"Ground Zero Mosque": The Debate That Should Have Never Existed
Why Professional Sports Stars Deserve Being Paid Way More Than Teachers
Craig Kielburger: Inspiring Others For Greatness
Evangelical Failure: The Flaws In Aggressively Pushing Your Belief
Ferocious Fire Balls to the Nostril: One Man's Experience with TA Appliances
It's Not Okay. . .
An Exclusive Excerpt From The Novel I'll Never Publish (Or Write)
Completely Misleading But Still Accurate Descriptions Of Famous Movies

Now, in the comments you can whine and moan about how your favourite blog post was left off my list. Or you know, reprimand me for being conceited enough to think people would read an entire post that consisted largely of links to my past ravings and rantings. Either one is cool with me.

Wishing everyone the most awesome 2012 ever!