What I've Noticed While Walking Summit at Night

I try to walk Summit at least two times a day. Now that he has a "younger brother" that is occupying a good portion of our attention, I try to be even more diligent in fitting in those walks. I find it works best for me to have the walks book end my day. I walk him in the morning when I first wake up, and then I end the evening with another stroll in the neighbourhood.

I really enjoy these walks with my "furry boy" because I see it as bonding time between daddy and dog son. I've recently noticed something that I don't remember previously seeing over the past two plus years of evening dog walking.

There are a lot of cats prowling around the neighbourhood.

I mean, a LOT of cats.

I know that cats are nocturnal animals. I realize many cats are allowed out of their homes, and usually choose night time to scout their area. I don't consider any of that odd. I expect some cats to be outside at night, because that is what cats do. But I don't ever remember seeing so many of them litter the streets.

People are completely absent from the area in the evening, but they're replaced with a horde of furry felines. It seems like we come across a cat beside every other house. For the last week, we've come across a group of cats hanging out on the road near my street. What are those cats doing chilling out on that road? What are they plotting?

I want to make it very clear; these cats are clearly plotting something. There is going to be an uprising in my neighbourhood. If me and my neighbours aren't careful then we'll all be ruled by cats by Valentine's Day. I know it, because I can see it in their eyes. Of course, I've never been close enough to one to see directly into their eyes. I know I'd see it, if I could get a glimpse.

There are just far too many cats in my neighbourhood to be safe. They're way too comfortable sauntering down the streets and letting all know they rule this place at night. But my fear is when they take over the day, because then all will be lost.

You think I am paranoid?

Then why have all the human disappeared at night? Why are they all replaced by cats? Why do they keep calling to me and taunting me? They're letting me know my day of reckoning is near. They will get me like they've taken down all the rest.

I'm pretty sure half of the homes in my neighbourhood are occupied by just cats. Their humans are now buried under several pounds of cat litter, and likely not all in one piece. I've seen what they do to birds and mice. I'm aware of what they're capable of, and what happens when they feel humans are no longer serving their purpose.

They're already trying to trap and ensnare me and Summit. Every single night several cats will dart out of shadows and then run across the street to another hiding place. Every time it catches the attention of Summit, and causes him to want to give chase. I know they want that chase. They want Summit to run into that dark corner.

It is there that they'll brain wash my dog, and use him to kick their master plan into motion. Their plan is to rule the world. But first they need to take control my neighbourhood. It is happening. It is why they're everywhere. It is why every night they try to get my dog to chase them.

It is why my very soul is encased in a dark ice of fear. It is only a matter of time.

Catageddon is almost upon us.

Well. . . it is either that or there are lots of people who own cats around here.


  1. Anonymous11:52 am

    Patricia Curtis via Facebook:

    likes this.

  2. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Krisztina Klail via Facebook:

    My mob of cats hold meetings and I'm never invited..I think you might be onto something!

  3. Maybe your cats are the group organizing the entire take over. Be careful.


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