I'm a Filthy Liar

I said I'll be back on here Monday, and it is now Tuesday. I'm hoping none of you decided to hold your breath until my next post was published on here. If you did, you're probably in desperate need of oxygen now. So, go get some of that.

Monday ended up being a cavalcade of crazy. I was away from my trusty computer for a large portion of the day doing non "furiously typing away at a keyboard" kind of work, but still did the part of helping pay for the mortgage and the carrot sticks. I came home to Everett needing some of my attention, while also trying to squeeze in all the writing work that got neglected during the day. I wanted to blog and I had the urge to blog, but pay copy got in the way (as it should).

Then later in the evening I was all gung ho "let's get this blogging done", but then I got a few unexpected emails ordering more pay copy. I once again let the promise of having cash to pay for pop tarts and pants get in the way of writing on my absolutely free blog.

I then slept.

Well, I first tried to read a few chapters of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but I only got a few pages in until the tiredness won out. But what was I thinking waiting so many years before jumping on the Harry Potter series? I reread the first one awhile back, and then got the itch to read the sequel, and then the itch has continued on to the next two books. This is an incredible fantasy series, and Rowling's storytelling, creativity, and writing improves more and more after each novel. I realize it is pegged as a children's novel, but this series rivals any adult fantasy novel. Most fantasy novelist would beg for the ability to create a rich story the seamlessly meshes both remarkable world building with compelling story telling. Rowling redefines how we see well known fantasy creatures and people, but doesn't waste paragraphs trying to reeducate us but just integrates it into the deeper storytelling. This series is as much of a landmark as Lord of the Rings, and probably a stronger overall tale too (this is coming from a huge LOTR fan). But I'll gush more about Harry Potter in a future post.

I also saw some of the Oscars on Sunday. I ended up taking an hour intermission from it, because a new episode of The Walking Dead aired. It looked like a pretty decent awards show from what I saw, and I'm impressed they actually ended very close to the time allotted. I've seen this awards show go over 45 minutes, and so running an extra 15 minutes is a huge achievement. There was a pretty good collection of comedy and tributes, and it proved why it is usually one of the more interesting of the awards shows. I'm saddened to admit I saw very few of the Best Picture nominations, and I haven't seen the winner, The Artist. I'm now very interested in catching it. Hopefully, this year I can do a much better job on keeping on top of the film scene by seeing a few more movies. Though I've started out badly since my grand total of times going to the cinema this year is at zero.

Anyway, I've got a nice little mountain of pay copy to attend to. So, I'm going to disappear, and be back when the mountain starts to resemble a small hill. Hopefully, you have yourself one magnificent Tuesday.