My Question Posed Out of Complete and Honest Curiosity

For those of you who come to my blog posts via the Twitterfeed on Facebook, I've been wondering why some of you post your comments on the Facebook site rather than directly on this blog?

If your answer is, "I don't. I comment directly on this blog." Then obviously, this question was not directed at you.

This isn't a question that comes from a place of rage or even any desire to start a debate. It is just straight up curiosity.

From my perspective, you're on this site anyway, and at the end of reading it, you likely encounter the text box where you can leave a comment. Instead, the Facebook commenter closes this tab and decides to leave a comment on the site that was just housing the link rather than the content.

Is it because you think it will be easier to read my response on Facebook (rather than have to return to that blog post)?

Do you find the need to fill in your name and email address to be far too taxing?

Do you just love Facebook oh-so-much and want to write on it as much as you possibly can?

Because of bears?

I also have a question for the large amount of readers who never leave a comment. Though the simple fact that you are a non-commenter may make asking this question pointless. But this wouldn't be the first time I've written something pointless on here.

When I publish a post that is controversial or clearly designed to engage conversation or really any post I write, what is your main reason for not leaving comments?

Is it because you strongly disagree with my comments but don't feel like entering into debate or scared it will scar my fragile ego?

Do you just agree with everything I say and don't feel like being a parrot?

Lack of time or opinion?

You only clicked on the post in hopes of finding a picture of my dog or son or cat, and when you were greeted with a wall of text, you promptly fled to YouTube?

You were going to leave a comment but then "oh shit, my boss is entering the room" happened?

Because of bears?

Well, you can either answer these questions or surf the web for information on bears. I'm cool with either choice.

I also realize my title was a blatant lie as there was more than just one question. Plus I neglected to mention bears.


  1. Ryan Robinson11:09 pm

    Definitely because of bears. In all cases.

    In general (for you and others) I sometimes comment on blogs and sometimes on Google+ or Facebook. I'm more inclined if it is Google+ because there seems to be more of a conversational atmosphere to it. But even then, it is hard to explain why I wouldn't just comment on the blog. Maybe G+/Facebook feels more personal? Maybe it seems more likely to be seen, at least by mutual contacts? But ultimately I would put my money on familiarity as the biggest factor. We already have the accounts set up and are signed into them, and we comment on things very intuitively. While you have one of the more common blog commenting login systems, there still isn't something as standardized that everybody just does automatically the way they can Facebook and (to a lesson extent) Google+. We like our comfortable little ruts when it comes to technology, like most things, and Facebook is the ultimate example of that - no matter how much people complain and to some extent don't even like it, we keep coming back because it is familiar and comfortable. Individual blogs don't have that same status.

    For times I don't comment, it is usually because I didn't care about the subject enough to finish reading or because I agree with you enough that I don't have anything new to say. I figure if it is meant to engage conversation and I'm not really adding to the conversation, I'm wasting everyone's time to comment. I'm not one to shy away from a blog debate if I disagree on something important but I imagine that's true for some.


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