Everett Thinks You Should Bundle Up If You Go Out Today

Because it is a tad chilly out there. And well, he bundled up and had himself a delightful walk.

As for that walk. . .

It was delightful, especially when we encountered some friendly wildlife.

Hope your Saturday has been wondrous.


  1. Cristen8:09 pm

    Wow. It was in the 80's here...

  2. It was that warm a few days ago and I was wearing shorts all last week. It just dropped a bit, but after we started on the walk, we realized we may may have bundled him a bit too much. It was still cute. It was an excuse for his aunt and uncle to see a photo of him in their present.

  3. Wow, he's really filled out a lot these past couple of weeks! he keeps getting cuter and cuter. Will he still be able to use it next year you think?

  4. We used to think he would, but it appears babies grow quickly. We now don't think he'll fit in it for the entire winter next year.


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