Maybe This is Why I'm Not a Paid Critic

It seems like every major TV critic has been raving about the premiere of Awake, and throwing out accolades like it being the best new series this year or how it is one ingredient short from curing cancer.

Yet I was on here claiming the show risked putting me to sleep and was an amazing premise with a flawed execution.

My view seems to be in the minority, which means I shouldn't expect my professional critic’s hat to arrive in the mail.

In my defense, my view may have been distorted due to watching the show on my computer (will accept a PVR as a gift) while trying to rock a baby to sleep. I wasn't at my reviewing best. Plus I really was expecting a very different show than what was served up.

Or maybe my tastes are just not that refined, and I'm not intellectual enough to appreciate genius like Awake (I'm also missing out at being on the intellectual level to appreciate Jersey Shore). I like to think my tastes allow for smarter and higher class programming, but maybe the reality is my brain can't appreciate the non-explody kind of fare.

It does seem I agree on many of the same things as the "more refined" critics. I do think it is a brilliant concept and it is filled with potential. I also felt the acting was remarkable. I felt the story about the father and son trying to patch up their failed relationship, but trying to work through the awkwardness of how to do that played out well. The wife's method of coping was believable and created a solid juxtaposition to the lead character. I liked the inner turmoil he experienced and his interaction with all the supporting characters. I even liked how the two cases from the different worlds were interconnected and helped provide the clues to solve each other. In reflection, I liked the story and everything that was presented.

I just felt too much was crammed into one episode, which hurt my enjoyment to a huge degree. The cases were rushed, and came off feeling like afterthoughts. I didn't feel there was enough time devoted to make me care about his relationships with the son or wife, thus hampering the believable story that had been constructed. It lacked any emotional connection for me. I was left knowing what they tried to accomplish and wishing they pulled it off.

I still feel this could be an amazing show. I want to stick with it a few episodes and give it time to find a groove. I know it could be one of the better shows on TV.

It isn't that show right now. It is just potential right now. I'd go as far to say failed potential at the moment.

But what do I know? I'm just some hack on a blog that has hosted such odd content such as an interview with my teddy bear, a message to my 13 year old self, and a fake chain letter. I'm not sipping fine wines and wearing satin robes while I allow words to pour from my fingertips. My reviews aren't unleashed from the heavens and stopping wars across the globe. Not like all those super powerful critics on those magnificent sites with pop up ads and links to view the very show they just reviewed (no biases though). Of course, my opinion just can't compare.

But I'm going to give the show a second chance. I think it can be awesome. I want it to be awesome. I also want to make sure I watch the second episode with no biases attached. I don't want to go in thinking, "Every critic thinks this is more spectacular than flying on a winged platypus, so I need to think this dreck is wonderful." I want to be able to also think it sucks, if I think it just isn't hitting the mark. Even though this will cause all the big boy critics to pat me on the head and say, "There, there stupid. Isn't sweet you're trying to give an opinion on award winning works."

Of course, if I don't like the next episode, then clearly it proves I am right and all other critics are hacks. It really is the only conclusion that can be made. It has nothing to do with me not being smart enough to get the wizardry and wonder of a television drama.

Or so I am desperately trying to convince you.

But hey, big corporate entertainment sites, if I say the show is awesome then will you now pay me to write essays about the leadership styles of Admiral Ackbar and Bumblelion?