Some Interesting Thoughts on Why It Is Easy Being a White Straight Male

I'm a big John Scalzi fan, and a regular reader of his Whatever blog. I've referred you over before for some pure word goodness. He recently wrote a piece on why he is glad he is male, and presented several reasons why life is just easier being the sex with the extra appendage. I agree with his assessment fully, and think it is a great piece to check out. Since I've spent most of the day promoting my work, I thought it was only fair to pimp someone else as well.

I like this piece, because there seems to be a growing group that likes to complain how things are getting harder to be a white straight male. I think such groups are a hilarious example of inadvertent parody. Even if you add in things like affirmative action or exclusive benefits to "minorities", the fact is this is a society that favours and is geared towards your white straight male. This is due to many reasons such as how things have played out historically and of course, those who are mostly in power. We've progressed -- oh we've definitely progressed (a black President!). But there is still a stigma and a mindset that makes it far easier to be a white straight male. Not in all cases, but in many.

For example, I look at me and Emily being new parents. There are far more expectations on Emily and what she should do as a mother than there are on me and what I am expected to do as a father. I don't think it is fair. I do think there are higher expectations for fathers now, then there even was ten years ago, but there is still a heavier burden on women. I can change a few diapers and partake in an occasional bottle feed and I'm considered in the running for "Father of the Year." Emily could do the same amount of work as that, and she would be considered a piss poor mother. It is unfair. I would love to change that perception. Maybe some day it will change. I'd be a fool to think this isn't how many perceive the roles of the sexes.

Anyway, I can rant and rave about this another time. I want you to check out Scalzi's piece, because I agree with it totally. But I also just think it is a really well written and interesting look at the differences in the sexes.