Trying to Remember I Have Three "Sons"

Once Everett arrived, it was rather easy to go, "Weeeee, a cute baby and I'm going to shower all my love on him all the time." Except that probably isn't the smartest move since I still had things like pay copy and eating to do deal with. Everett couldn't get 24/7 attention, and since he likes his sleep, I'm pretty sure he didn't want it. I also had another reason to not show nonstop Everett love. I've got two "furry sons" that like attention and pets and treats and so on. Before Everett, they got showered with quite a bit of attention, and so it was important to try to continue to show some love to avoid them wanting to turn Everett into a chew toy. Plus there is that whole thing about me actually loving them and not wanting to make them feel left out. Pets do have feelings and emotions; trust me on this. In today's "Dad's Eye View", I look at how I've tried to spread all the love, and make sure the pets didn't feel neglected. I think it is one of the most important lessons/challenges I had to face, and is good to check out if you're expecting a baby while already being the parent of a furry one.