Game Changing Fox Shows

The Fox Network used to be the kid that always wore mismatched socks and weird aviator goggles, and he always had his lunch stolen from the "Big Three" networks.  It was the punch line of the entire TV industry, and was so bad that its own shows would make fun of it.  None of the experts expected it to last 5 years, let alone still be kicking around at 25 years.  Not only is the network 25 years old, but it is now a ratings powerhouse that wins the ratings war several nights a week.   It now gives wedgies to the grandfatherly NBC, and would steal its lunch money if grandpa wasn't broke  Needless to say, the Fox Network is now a place we expect hit shows to be born and has a strong reputation in the industry.

Of course, it has also churned out a lot of crap. 

But since Fox has recently celebrated its 25 year anniversary with a TV special this past Sunday, I thought I'd keep things optimistic for the network.  In today's Collective Publishing Pop Culture column, I look at Fox shows that shaped the television landscape and have influenced many of the current crop of TV shows.  Check out my picks, and then let me know what you think or what shows you believe should be on the list over on the site's comments section.