I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

My Tuesday Afternoon Question of Deep Pondering

It has been one of those days (actually one of those last two months) where I'm not exactly where I want to be in regards to pay copy and other work for this time in the day.  So, instead of spreading the blog with copious amounts of words, I'll leave you (read: cop out) with a question you can mull over for the remaining hours of the day.

If a dastardly wizard suddenly appeared in your home, and said that your fate must be that you're turned into a dessert, but you can choose the dessert, then what dessert would you choose?

My answer?  Fruit cake.  Because no one ever eats fruit cake.  Even if they do, most people like to keep those things around for about 30 years or so, and constantly pass them on to a new person as a gift every year.  I'll still have a nice and long life.  Yes, a life as an awful cake, but maybe I'll get lucky and they'll leave me near a TV or an aquarium.

So, what dessert would you choose to be turned into?